As men get older, we may notice a significant decrease in sexual appetite in ourselves or our significant other.


The loss of libido may signify loss of attraction, bad health, decreased testosterone and other hormonal issues, andropause or more serious problems such as erectile dysfunction.


For most men, a decreased desire for sex is a combination of poor habits, health issues and time-cramped lifestyles. The good news is that there is a way to help increase your libido naturally with Men Power X!


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How To Increase Sexual Stamina

There are a lot of men that want to learn how to increase sexual stamina. Most men only lasts a couple of minutes in bed. Which can make them upset, because they're not sure what to do about.

When having sex, your body is tense and your breathing is heavy. This will cause you to not be able to perform like you want to. Instead, you should breathe deeply and slowly.

Stress Kills Sex!

Stress can be a contributing factor when it comes to sexual stamina. You might find yourself swept up in the moment of lovemaking and then because of other pressing concerns, your mind will begin to wander. This changes sex from being a pleasurable experience to becoming a chore.

Take time before you make love to relax. Perhaps giving each other a massage, or taking a bath together. Allow the stress of your life to slip away so you and your partner can have the longest most rewarding intimate encounter you possibly can.

Interesting Facts

The number one way to improve your sexual performance prowess is exercise. Unfortunately for you couch potatoes, it is true. Not only does regular exercise benefit your sex life, it helps you out in so many other ways as well. First of all, exercise gives you energy. Even if you are drop dead tired from the day's activities, you could spend a half hour to an hour at the gym and feel completely rejuvenated. One of the most incredible times to have sex is right after working out.....while you and your lover are washing off that sweat in the shower. Exercise also helps you to have a great night of sleep when you finally turn in for bed and being well rested is fundamental component for a healthy sex life.
After exercise, diet is the next biggest factor in improving libido levels, if not it is the equal to exercise. As I have said before, testosterone production is necessary for sexual arousal as well as sexual stamina, but a bad diet can limit the production of this necessary hormone. For example, dehydration limits hormone production and therefore too much alcohol and caffeine can really do a number on your sex cravings.
Alcohol actually reduces the production of testosterone in men. Drunken sex might be fun while you are young but it just doesn't work as you get older.
Foods heavy in saturated fat can eventually clog arteries and lead to poor circulation which, as I stated above, plays a negative role in libido.